Marina @Marina
14 June, 04:14 (E)
One more reason why you always have to do research before contacting someone. I’ve just found my “ad” on a site, that stole my informations, adding services that I do not provide😡
I’m responsible for my own website Only and I advertise on these platforms Only

I will turn down and block everyone, who ask things that i don’t provide. And you just wasted your time by contacting me, while your dream girl might have just booked by someone else

Cayden Cailean @caydencailean
15 June, 03:04
Love love love raw oysters and clams!
Cayden Cailean @caydencailean
09 June, 02:04
Cayden Cailean @caydencailean
26 May, 03:16
Cayden Cailean @caydencailean
23 May, 03:48